Hi, I'm JD.

Currently working as a front end web developer at a digital agency in Burlington. We get to work with amazing brands like Tim Hortons, PC Financial, Meridian and Blackberry, just to name a few.

Download resume.

Latest accomplishments at my current position:

  • Developed a code component library for continued use on all projects, improving the development team's efficiency
  • Design and develop interactive user-experience driven custom CMS websites and web applications with HTML5, CSS3 (Sass), Flexbox, JavaScript, Foundation, Bulma, Reactjs, VueJS, Gatsby and WordPress
  • Front end developer quotes for RFPs and new business
  • Member of the AODA / WCAG board, that primarily deals with the importance and implementation of accessibility throughout all web projects
  • Co-created WorkShare - an internal project tracking system that helps teams within the company track fly-ins, among other projects
  • Work closely with the strategy and design team to ensure project success and to meet client-expected deadlines

Technical skills: