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Web Design Welland, Ontario

If you have a company located in the Welland, Ontario area and you don't have a website at all, OR your web design is a little out of date, it's very important that you give your website a fresh, modern look. In short, a great web design not only is engaging but also appeals to your target audience, is one that will bring in a lot more business for you.

So, why is this important? Well, if your current website does not have a modern or engaging web design applied to it, it causes your customers to look at your brand negatively. It's all about perception! You want to look amazing on all platforms - this includes your online presence, in which case is your website. Plus, if your website has an out-dated and hard to use design, people will go elsewhere because they'll get frustrated browsing your website. This is bad for you as you need people to engage on your website, and contact you! Not contact your competitors. So for example, if you're an electrician in Welland, Ontario, and someone Googles "electrician Welland Ontario" - when people click on your website, you should be presenting them with an oustanding and engaging design! This will increase your conversion rates (the rate by which people email or call you) greatly. The better your web design is, the more customers you'll bring in.

Servicing the Welland, Ontario area with web design for nearly a decade

Examining your competitor's web design

Before I get going on your web design project, I'll need to first analyze and pick apart your competition's websites, ideally that are in and around the Welland, Ontario and surrounding areas. The reason being here is that I have to see what they're doing wrong, and of course what they're doing right, and then we can together capitalize on those opportunities to make your design shine.

Producing an engaging and modern web design

Once we've worked together and completed a complete and thorough audit of your competitor's web design elements, it's time to dive in and get to work. I will combine the best modern day web design practices, as well as create imagery and text content specific to your customer base. The more tailored the look and feel of the design, plus how the content speaks to your audience, the higher chance of them converting into paying customers.

Launching and bringing traffic to your new web design

Okay - so we've created your brand new web design that appeals to your target audience. But, just because you upgraded your website's look, does not mean that you will start to get a ton of local traffic to it! Getting your website to rank high in Google for the services that you offer, is extremely important for bringing in new business. This is called digital marketing, which is another service I offer.

History of Welland, Ontario

Welland, Ontario is a small town within the Region of Niagara. Within a half hour of Welland, people can easily find themselves travelling to Niagara Falls, Niagara-On-the-Lake, St. CAtharines, Port Colborne and more. The city of Welland is located between the Welland River and the Welland Canal, wherein both link to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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