Author: JD Fillmore

3 Major Reasons Why A Website Needs A Redesign


So let’s say you’re a potential client reading this post and are pondering at the idea of hiring a web designer to redesign your website. Or, maybe you have to convince your stubborn boss, who doesn’t realize that your company needs a redesign done.

Better yet, you’re a fellow web designer / developer looking for reasons to convince a potential client that they need a fresh redesign of their site.

Custom Website vs CMS – What’s Best For You?


Whenever I take on a client, one of the first questions they always ask is, “I want a custom website, but do I need a CMS?”.

Many times, when it comes to web design and development, my clients don’t even know what a CMS is, or what the point of one is. Which is totally okay – most people don’t know what a CMS is (only us developers do! ;).

So, let’s take the guess work out of it.